Advisory Services Offered 

Hightower offers investment advisory services to municipalities, individuals, trusts, estates, businesses, and charitable organizations (each referred to as a “Client”).

Investment Management Services – Hightower provides customized investment advisory solutions for its Clients. This is achieved through continuous personal Client contact and interaction while providing discretionary investment management and related advisory services. Hightower works closely with each Client to identify their investment goals and objectives as well as risk tolerance and financial situation in order to create a portfolio strategy.

Pension Advisory Services – Hightower provides pension advisory services for its municipal clients specifically with Police Pension Fund as well as Fire Pension investment portfolio strategy(ies). This is achieved by working closely with the respective Boards of each Fund, reviewing/establishing the Fund's Investment Policy Statements and ensuring adherence to the State Statues that govern these municipal fund investments.

Financial Planning Services - Hightower provides financial planning and consulting services to clients. Services are offered in several areas of a Client's financial situation, depending on their goals, objectives and financial situation. Hightower provides Comprehensive Financial Planning, Basic Financial Planning and Consultative Financial Reviews.

Risk Management Services – Hightower provides Risk Management services for Clients in the areas of Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability and Health Care Insurance. These areas comprise a Client's Risk Management Portfolio. Hightower will review and analyze existing coverage and provide recommendations as necessary, to extinguish any vulnerabilities.

Tax Preparation Services – Hightower offers tax preparation services on a stand-alone basis to individuals and trust.